logo design & brand identity

Bold logos. Strong brands.
Be remembered.

Done right, branding can form a lasting, positive memory of your company and building rapport and credibility with your customers. Your logo shouldn’t simply be a symbol on a business card or letterhead. A logo and brand identity should turn heads in the street. It should project your unique values and reinforce how you ‘feel’ to your customers and even your employees.
Aside from your products and services, the experience of your brand is how you’ll be remembered.

We drill down into the core of what it is your business stands for and importantly, why. Then we can begin to build a strong, memorable brand identity that flows consistently across your marketing and reflects your values and vision.

Get in touch and let us help you be remembered for all the right reasons.

examples of our work

  • logo design and brand development

    Brand Development & Design – Specialist Catering Engineers

    Branding, Corporate, Printwork, Website Design

  • whisky folk silver foil logo.

    Logo & Brand Development – Whisky Folk Recordings

    Branding, Printwork