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Why UX Matters

As technology has leapt forward over the last decade, people are becoming used to viewing their world through slick and easy to use interfaces.

Apple broke the mould in 2007 when they launched the iPhone. Until then, “smartphones” consisted of a full keyboard, scrollball and a load of other unnecessary buttons. As if by magic, tech nerds revealed a futuristic Star Trek inspired device with a beautiful glossy screen that responded to the slightest brush of a finger. I remember using the first generation when it was released and it felt nothing short of revolutionary. It felt like things would never be the same again. By removing of all of the buttons Apple had made the screen the main interface on a user-centric device, completely adapting to the needs of the user. It felt different, natural and so easy that even my 93 year old granny ended up with its’ descendant, the iPad.

With huge investment, effort and persistence, Apple had mastered the “user experience” (UX) and made interacting with a computer second nature. Gone were the endless menus, push to click and tiny, frustrating buttons. Devices suddenly became so simple that even toddlers who can’t speak are able to use them intuitively. With other major tech companies following suit, it signalled a fundamental shift in how people expect to interact with information and their world.

The pace of daily life in 2017 seems to have sped up incrementally since the release of the iPhone a decade ago, mainly being attributed to the mass usage of super fast handheld devices and what has become the “buy now” culture of instant gratification. If you want to know something, you look it up instantly. If you want to find somewhere, you find it and plot a route. If you want to buy something, it can be done in seconds. The irony being, that with everything at their fingertips, people now seem to have shorter attention spans and somehow, less time on their hands. The apparent lack of time to fit everything into a day has driven ever-increasingly streamlined user experiences and smoother more easy to use interfaces – a major force in how products are viewed, decisions are made and how purchases take place.

In September 2016 for the first time ever, mobile and tablet device usage overtook desktop computer usage which is huge. If the first interaction your customers have with your website has with isn’t polished and simple to use, you may be losing potential sales or even driving them to your competitors.
Do you want to leave a lasting impression of your business and captivate your customers with an easy, intuitive website? Or simply tired of your old website and want a great one? We want to help you succeed, so get in touch with Red Rebel Creative and lets create something beautiful and memorable that enriches your customers experience of your business.